What are the taboos in applying stainless steel products

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1. Avoid storing acid and alkaline ingredients

Jida Stainless believes that stainless steel cookware is not suitable for salt, light soy sauce, vegetable juice, etc., nor for acid and alkaline fruit juice. Because the electrolyte solution in this kind of food material can cause complicated "electrochemical corrosion" with the chemical elements in the kitchen utensils, the elements in it are excessively dissolved and expressed.

2. It is not suitable for cleaning with strong acid and strong air oxidation of Chinese medicine preparations

Edible alkali, sodium carbonate and bleach, etc. Because this strong electrolyte will "electrochemically change" with some ingredients in kitchenware, which will corrode stainless steel kitchenware

 stainless steel products

3. Avoid boiling and frying Chinese herbal medicine

Due to the complex ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, most of them contain various flavonoids and citric acid. When heating, it is easy to chemically change with some components in the stainless steel plate, which reduces the potency of the medicine, and may even transform into some substances with greater toxic and side effects.

4. Not suitable for empty burning

Since stainless steel plates have lower heat transfer coefficients than iron and metal aluminum, and slower heat conduction, empty burning will cause the stainless steel layer on the surface of the kitchen utensils to become brittle and fall off.

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