The treatment of black burning in stainless steel pot

Now many families are using stainless steel pot. Because of many people's improper use, the stainless steel pot will be blackened and even stick a lot of dirt. The blackened stainless steel pot looks very uncomfortable. There is no good way to clean it up. It's very troublesome. Below Jiangmen Jida stainless stee together to see the treatment of black stainless steel pot.

1. It is very difficult to clean the burnt food stuck on the stainless steel pot. After soaking in water for a period of time, it can be easily removed after softening.

2. Put some tomatoes in the pot and they will fall out naturally.

3. The bottom of the pot is not easy to brush off. Pour in a little white wine and beer and mix with a little water. Put the lid on for 5 minutes and it will be easy to clean.

4. Put the apple peel or pear peel in the pot and boil it with water. It can be easily removed.

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5. Add a little vinegar, heat the water and boil it. It's easy to wash.

6. Apply toothpaste, dip a cloth with water and rub it hard. It's economical and doesn't hurt the pot, but it may take a little effort.

7. After the stainless steel pot has dirt, you can mix two spoonfuls of vinegar with 200ml of warm water, or you can mix 500ml of hot water with 30g of baking soda, dip in the loofah pulp, and easily remove the oil stains in the stainless steel pot. If the oil scale in the stainless steel pot is stubborn, you can directly sprinkle baking soda in the stainless steel pot, and then wipe it with a cloth.

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