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Stainless steel utensils look good, but cleaning is a big problem, especially for bright utensils. First, wipe it with a cloth + baking soda + a little hot water. Some people are worried that baking soda will damage the stainless steel, but in fact, it won't. It can also slow down the stains to some extent, and at the same time, it has the least damage to the pots and pans.

Note: it is not recommended to brush with steel brush, nor to rub with crystal with large particles such as detergent and salt. Especially the stainless steel pot with high polish and bright surface, you will find that the pot is clean after rubbing once, but the polished surface is also completely destroyed. There are also some factors that can not be ignored that affect the maintenance of stainless steel pots and pans. Attention should also be paid to:

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1. Do not wash the pot with cold water immediately after each use, so as to avoid a lot of water mist and make the pot difficult to clean. It is recommended to wash it with warm water.

2. The outer surface can be rubbed with hard and rough materials, so that the surface of the pot body will be scratched. Use sponge cloth.

3. Do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemicals, such as bleaching powder, sodium hypooxylate, etc. for cleaning.

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