What to do with stainless steel wok, stir fry and stick wok

In our daily life, when we buy a frying pan, we need a non stick pan, which not only fully reflects our cooking skills, but also solves the trouble of cleaning the pan after frying. But the nonstick pots on the market are all Teflon coating. This kind of chemical coating will be separated slowly in the use process, especially in the Chinese style stir fry. It will be eaten and imported by us inadvertently, which is harmful to people's health. 

So now many families choose relatively high-end stainless steel pots and pans to reduce the damage of cooking utensils. But stainless steel pot is not completely non stick, good pot manufacturers can do physical non stick, then how can we buy stainless steel pot non stick? The staff of Keda stainless steel pot factory hereby introduce the following experience for your reference.

1、 First pour some white vinegar into the stainless steel pot, that is, eat white vinegar, such as vinegar essence is better. Keep heating until close to rolling, turn off the fire. Then take a steel brush with handle, and brush the hot vinegar on the whole inside of the pot to remove the oil and impurities on the inner surface of stainless steel. After cleaning, pour out the white vinegar and wash it with clean water.

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2、 Heat the pot with high heat until all the water drops evaporate. Then continue to heat the pot to make it very hot (dip a little water with your hands and pour it into the pot for testing. For example, the water drops roll directly on the surface of the pot, so the pot is very hot.

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What to do with stainless steel wok, stir fry and stick wok