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  • 10pc wide edge pot

saucepan w/lid168
saucepot w/lid168
saucepot w/lid2010
saucepot w/lid2414.5
frypan w/lid


* high-quality stainless steel 

* 7layers great wall impact bottom,Food warms quickly and material retains heat well

*Suitable for all cooking sources: electric and gas stoves or glass and ceramic or halogen burners.

*Healthy presparetion of food, cooking with little water and trying with little fat minimizes loss of vitamins, minerats and flavour

*Especially suited for diet menus as food does not have to be salted

*practical pouring rim prevent dripping

*Handles will not heat up

* practical and acctactive

*Food and fat practices do not collect in corners.

*Easy to clean